Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sittin' on top of the world

After such amazing of being productive and losing weight and feeling attractive, I slipped into a slump and was lazy, gained five pounds, and can't even find reprieve from my gross self during the night due to waking myself up by smelling my own farts.

I am freaking out just a bit by how quickly time passes and what if I spend my whole life trying to put together a retirement plan only to end up shot to death by Oklahoma's new open carry law? I'm just a little on the neurotic side, one thing playing into the next until I see myself on the hamster wheel.

Yet there was a break this last week as I realized that I wanted to write again. And I had been ignoring my car maintenance, but was able to afford some repairs. And, come to find out, the car is in great shape. I slowly pull out and take a look at the things I had been ignoring. I am learning that this is better than remaining ignorant and powerless.

I'm trying to give myself a break is what I'm trying to learn to do. I'm trying to let go of my neurotic plans when they get to be too much and embrace them when I think they will help and when they make me happy. I am just trying to let myself be happy while also facing reality. It comes in waves, and I hope this wave will be a good one and that I will see many friends riding high, too.

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PENolan said...

Ha! I hate it when I'm shocked awake by my own farts or snoring.

Much love to you, young friend, from this old broad in the city.